Karaoke: I'm Definitely Doing it Wrong

Here's the thing about karaoke: it's not something that can be described as a "verb" for me. I didn't recall ever being in a place in Birmingham that had karaoke, and if they did, it was only a sporadic or one-a-month kind of thing. Or, maybe I'm remembering it wrong and it was everywhere, it just wasn't on my radar. 

Karaoke was never on my radar because:

  1. I can't sing well. No one wants to hear that. Pretty sure it pisses off my dog when I sing heartfelt renditions of Elliott Smith songs in the shower. I think I'm losing her respect.
  2. I don't like getting in front of large groups of people. I tend to make stupid faces, or say stupid things. I barely passed Public Speaking in college.
  3. Seriously, people stare at you when you're up there. 

So when a coworker announced that we were going to get a group together to go to a sushi/karaoke bar (yes, that is a thing), my exact words were, "I will go and eat the heck out of the sushi, but you won't get me drunk enough to karaoke."

And then I got drunk enough to karaoke. Actually, I won't say I got drunk. I got overserved. I may or may not have sung a sketchy rendition of Pearl Jam's "Better Man," but you only live once, right? In all actuality, I would pretend none of this ever happened, that I didn't embarrass myself in front of a room full of coworkers. Unfortunately one of them took a video as proof, so I can't deny any of it.

While I will eventually get over this, I have noticed that my coworkers now look at me in the same way that my dog looks at me: slightly disappointed, slightly amused.

And here is a picture of this whole thing actually going down, and there's Lunar trying to bat away the photographic evidence of me singing in public. Enjoy, dear reader. This will never happen again. Probably.