How to Housesit in California

It turns out that you can be the perfect candidate for housesitting. Even if it's something you didn't plan, like a natural disaster, an unexpected dinner guest, or kids; sometimes these things just happen. 

I have been a house/pet sitter 8+ times since I moved to California. When you work in a k-12 school, you learn quickly that people tend to go out of town a lot. To the mountains, to the coast, to wine country to get silly! But, who will take care of the animals? Mr. Fluffles can't be subjected to a cold metal cage and indifferent caretakers that won't give him the chin scratches that he deserves!

This is where you come in. Thanks to my own personal research, I have chiseled down a list of things that qualify you to be a top-notch pet/house sitter. 

  1. You love, or are generally OK with, the presence of animals, even if they shed/pee/puke on you.
  2. You have a certain level of reliability that directly correlates to the fact that you never leave town (you're broke).
  3. You're from the south and kind of suck at saying No when someone asks you for a favor.
  4. You have a face that says "I'd love nothing more than to water your prize-winning rose garden this weekend!"
  5. You can pack three days worth of clothes into a single reusable Trader Joe's bag.
  6. You're not bothered by silly things like:
  • A million dollar house without a toaster
  • A dog that won't leave his hiding place under the bed
  • Having to crush five pills per day into mushy cat food for a cat that was alive when Kurt Cobain was, too
  • Dealing with an ant army taking over the house of a 100% eco-friendly family that only left you with a bottle of all-natural and organic bug spray, which you are certain is only making the army stronger and faster. 
  • Not screaming like a little girl when you are greeted by a life-size cutout of a Star Trek character every time you walk up the stairs of the downtown apartment. The first time you see him, you think he is a real person waiting at the top of the stairs to stab you in the face. The second time you see him, you think he is waiting to stab you in the face. And the third, and the fourth...

And there you have it. Take this knowledge and go forth, grasshopper. Don't forget the doggy bags and the eco-cleaner.