I've been here a year?

There was a distinct whoosh sound that happened as the year went by/away/eaten by Langoliers. This whoosh was also not unlike the "delightful" sound that deadlines make as they fly by (bonus points if you get that reference). 

Anyway, I've been here a year as of the end of July. How crazy is that! One minute I'm a roastery elf at Octane Coffee and the next I'm in my car and on my way to being an assistant librarian.

Here's some stuff I've accomplished in the past year. Some of them are embarrassing.

  • Took a minute, but I stopped thinking about where the safest room in any given house/building is in case of a tornado warning. 
  • Became really good at making U-turns and parallel parking.
  • Discovered the great joy that is Trader Joe's, Jamba Juice, and a giant booze warehouse called BevMo. 
  • Finally came to terms with the tax they add when you get food/a coffee drink For Here.
  • Drank so much coffee. So. Much. Coffee. My heart does always feel like it's trying to hug my brain. Thanks, west coast. You know how to roast a mean bean.
  • Went tons of places! Outdoors! Saw stuff! Like Lake Tahoe, Bodega Bay ( Hitchcock filmed The Birds there! Nerd alert!), San Diego, a haunted castle, and more--most of it having to do with long trails, rocks, and rivers. Pretty.
  • Ate ice cream cake for the first time! This doesn't have anything so much to do with California as much as it does a life-fail, but it happened the other day and I'm still pretty stoked about it. 
  • Learned what it feels like to fall, knee-first, onto a cement parking block. It doesn't feel very good, in case you were unsure. This is also how I learned that stockings aren't durable, and give up the ghost with even the slightest tumble.
  • Got a CA drivers license. Hooray! And no one will ever see it beyond bartenders and disgruntled airport employees, because it is seriously the worst picture I have ever taken.

And here's some stuff I'm still working on/hope to accomplish. 

  • Coming to terms with the fact that a lot of concert venues here force people that are drinking to stand behind a barricade in the back. What the hell, guys? Do you really think I'm going to give my PBR to an 18 year old? I wouldn't waste $2.50 on those little turds! Sheesh. Way to make a gal feel like a sad little drunk.
  • Go to LA and see what, exactly, all the fuss is about.
  • Tan. One year in California and I've yet to convince my ghost-like skin to give me a break. Sure, I haven't had a tan since...ever. But if any state can help me out, it should be California, right? 
  • Try spray tan.
  • Go to the State Fair. Apparently, this is a really big deal, and I should be preparing myself to marathon-drink bottles of wine, pet zoo animals, ride ferris wheels, and maybe see a baby cow being born or something. I'm filled with glee at all of these possibilities, except the last one, because that's gross. 
  • Ride ferris wheel for first time.
  • Try to find the appropriate wine-to-ferris-wheel ratio for obvious reasons.
  • Drink more coffee.